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Civil engineering

Geotextiles Woven and Non-woven from TripleFabrics are applied to improve the performance of various ground and hydraulic structures. Our geotextiles are used as separation and filter layers to allow groundwater to pass into the ground. These geotextiles are also used as soil reinforcement. We can customize the type of geotextile – in consultation with you – to meet your requirements of high tensile strength, low elongation and shrinkage to suit your project. Please contact our experts to be advised.


TripleFabrics BV / Afdekshop supplies Geotextile Non woven (groundcover) in a wide range of different sizes and weight classes. The Non Woven quality does not fray and is stronger than woven anti-root cloth! The special structure of the cloth allows water to pass through but stops root growth to a lesser or greater extent depending on the thickness / weight of the cloth. Geotextile Non Woven has a high sand density and promotes soil stability. We supply the Non woven Trifa-Fleece to the roll. We also manufacture special sizes. For quarter- , half pallets we have very competitive prices.


Particularly good qualities woven Polypropylene anti-root cloth weighing approximately 110 g/m². This permeable anti-root cloth is suitable for controlling weeds and limiting root formation. Our anti-root fabric is very highly UV-stabilized (750 Kly), allows water but not light through. Root formation of weeds is virtually impossible. For use in road construction, horticulture and greenhouse construction. When purchasing half pallet (13 rolls) or whole pallet (25 rolls): special discount on request.


GrassProtect-TF are extruded HDPE grass protection nets applied when you want to protect and reinforce your grass on the occasion of temporary events such as concerts, parking lots, fairs, etc. GrassProtect-TF is a high-quality extruded HDPE net with a 3-dimensional structure consisting of a series of overlapping and crossed filaments. GrassProtect-TF has very good mechanical performance. Protects the grass by absorbing horizontal pressure and distributes the load evenly over the surface. The net-like structure ensures good anchoring and protection of the grass roots.
Available in various designs depending among other things on traffic load. Ask for our recommendations.


Perhaps we have given you an idea of our high-quality products with the introduction described above. If you are interested in a free quote, further information or our very competitive prices, please use the contact form below.

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