Agriculture and horticulture

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Agriculture and horticulture

TripleFabrics BV is a processor of plastic film and plastic fabrics for gardening, agriculture, civil engineering. Also for finished products. We are specialists in providing customized solutions. In our production units we process many types of flexible plastics and fabrics for various applications in Agro , agriculture and horticulture. With many years of experience in flexible plastics, we can be of good service to you to make a suitable product for you. Specialized products such as : shade netting, tunnel films (UV guarantees up to 5 years) and reinforced greenhouse films.


Shade netting from TripleFabrics BV provides excellent protection from wind and sunlight. The shade mesh blends well with a rural environment because the mesh has a natural green color. The wind penetration is only 12% and the shade factor is 81%. TripleFabrics BV supplies shade netting on rolls but also made to measure. Applications : Cubicle sheds, Garden fences, Sports fields, Garden centers, Nurseries and Greenhouse construction.


The 3-layer tunnel film EVA AC 0.20 mm supplied by TripleFabrics BV is a highly UV-stabilized (transparent) polyethylene film with a thickness of 0.18 mm, suitable for building tunnel greenhouses for greenhouse cultivation. This film has a thermal effect due to an EVA percentage of 12 – 14%. Greenhouse film is also called: AC Film (anti-condensation) or tunnel film and is suitable for multi-year use. Tunnel film on rolls is of course also available at Triplefabrics BV and available in various widths. UV warranty 4 to 5 years is the standard for our tunnel film.


Gewapende kassenfolie is sterker dan de reguliere kassenfolie. Bestaande uit twee lagen transparante folie met daartussen een groene wapeningsdraad voor extra versteviging. Een zwaargewicht onder de gewapend polyethyleen kassenfolies. Gewicht : 220 gr/m2. Uitstekend geschikt voor hobbykassen en tunnels. Deze kassenfolie beschermt uw gewassen zelfs tegen extreme weersomstandigheden. Met de gewapende kassenfolie kunt u jonge gewassen beschermen en zal de temperatuur van de grond stijgen, waardoor uw gewassen sneller ontkiemen en groeien. Het gewapende folie is UV gestabiliseerd waardoor de levensduur/duurzaamheid van de folie sterk toeneemt. Materiaal : HDPE leno fabric, LDPE coating.


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