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Basins - ponds

TripleFabrics BV is your specialist in Basin liner, pond liner and films for drinking water basins. Also films for under and as cover for storage depots. We process plastic foils for agriculture and horticulture, but also for ponds and basins and waste storage depots. We advise you in the selection and application of the many types of flexible plastics and fabrics. A correct and careful choice guarantees a strong and durable product. Craftsmanship quality for the lowest price.

Foil for riding boxes - horse boxes - EB and floor boxes

Foil for ebb and flow boxes. For your riding school floor or horse trough. Especially for do-it-yourselfers, riding schools and associations. Control the humidity/density of the riding surface. Excess (rain) water is drained away via drainage. In case of drought, water can be supplied. We are specialists in custom welding of LDPE environmental liner for horse boxes – riding arenas. With high-frequency welding equipment, we produce this very high-quality LDPE film. Thickness of this Ldpe environmental film is 0.5 mm thick. Any size is possible.


Excellent grades of environmental film. Plasticized PVC (polyvinyl chloride). TripleFabrics department of technical fabrics and plastics supplies a comprehensive program of sealing membranes. We use first class European raw materials. No processing of plasticizers from China and/or Asia. Applications: (fish) ponds – water basins – manure basins 1 mm – rainwater storage – etc. The PVC films are flexible and easy to fold and glue. Professionally welded and any size is possible.



LDPE film (Low-Density Polyethylene or Low Density Polyethylene, also called LDPE ) manufactured from high quality raw materials. One of the most widely used types of film and at the same time environmentally friendly. LDPE film can be used for various applications, including: film for horse boxes or water basins or as a cover for landfills, under street construction (gas stations) and in road construction. To be supplied on prefab sheets that can be processed on site. Specifications : thickness 0.5 mm.0.5 mm thick. Professionally welded – any size is possible.

DPE EVA FLEX FOIL 0,5 - 0,8 - 1,0 MM

LDPE EVA Flex film (3-layer extrusion) from high quality raw materials with the addition of 14% EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). A Low Dense Poly-Ethylene film. The EVA addition ensures that the film is extra flexible and elastic and also ensures a long service life. LDPE EVA Flex film is supplied on prefab sheets and is also good for on-site processing. Applications: Basins, fish ponds and catch basins. Technical data :0.5 mm – 0.8 mm and 1.0 mm thick. Professionally welded – any size is possible.


LDPE / ECO film consists of 50% recycled material. By reusing materials, Ldpe Eco is an environmentally friendly alternative. The film still maintains its lifespan because part of the product consists of high-quality raw materials. As a result, the quality is guaranteed. Application : widely used for temporary seals and where the foil is not exposed to sunlight for long periods. As a cover of but also under ground spotlights and ground sludge spotlights, ebb and flow drainage of subsoil horse boxes etc. Very suitable as separation layer and ground water barrier. Technical data : LDPE 1.0 mm / black with a film weight of 960 gr/m2.

EPDM FOIL 0.8 - 1.0 MM

We process EPDM of American quality “Firestone” (no Asian grades). EPDM has a Drinking Water Certificate and Certificate of non-toxicity. EPDM is root solid. The film is environmentally friendly , does not crack or dry out. The EPDM rubber liner is toxic free making it excellent for application as ponds, park ponds, nursery ponds , industrial water basins, fire ponds, drinking water basins and is suitable for humans and animals. Lifetime 40 years. 400% Permanently elastic. UV resistant and no root growth.

ASTRYN FILM 0,6 - 1,0 MM

Advantages: UV-resistant – highly flexible – durable – resistant to almost all chemicals. Astryn FPP (Flexible Polypropylene) is a very attractive film consisting of high quality raw materials. The film contains no leaching agents making it suitable for applications where water quality is important such as drinking water storage, breeding and fish ponds. The material has a high resistance to chemicals, making it very suitable for water basins with recirculating water. Applications : Water basins, fish breeding tanks, drinking water storage, koi ponds etc. High elasticity : elongation max 800%. UV, frost and ozone resistant. High chemical resistance.


The best properties of PVC film and EPDM film combined into one exceptionally perfect product. Durable and environmentally friendly but also strong and flexible. The 4Everflex is easy to weld and glue. Warranty: 27 years based on depreciation. Applications : ponds, garden ponds, swimming ponds, plant ponds UV, frost and ozone resistant. Resistant to root growth, acid rain and bacteria. Fish friendly – does not smell. Technical data : thickness 1.0 mm and weight 1200 gr/m2.


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