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PE Tarpaulins

Tarpaulins – tarpaulins – covers.
We manufacture and import a wide range of tarpaulins made of PVC coated Polyethylene tape fabric. The PE material is cheaper than PVC tarpaulins, lighter in weight, strong, waterproof. Very interesting products for you, which we supply at very competitive prices. Our prices for quarter, half and whole pallets are particularly interesting!


Tarpaulins PE-100TF are ideal for light industrial and agricultural applications as well as home/garden and kitchen use. Easy to handle and very economical to purchase and use. Fixing points/rings : every 100 cm. Tensile strength per 5 cm: approx. 40 kg and a lifespan: approx. 1 year. Applications : everywhere where a light and relatively short-term use is required. Very competitive prices when purchasing a quarter, half or whole pallet.


Tarpaulins PE-150TF are good mid-range tarpaulins for all-round use. be used, for example, as a ground sheet, construction tarpaulin, boat cover and much more to name a few. The tarpaulin is about 50% heavier/stronger than the average tarpaulin from the leading DIY stores. Fixing points / rings: every 100 cm. (metal rings). Tensile strength per 5 cm (approximately): 65 kg and a lifespan (indication): 1 – 2 years. Very competitive prices when purchasing a quarter, half or whole pallet.


Tarpaulins PE-250TF are sturdy, waterproof and professional PE tarpaulins that are mainly used on the professional market. It is about 3 times as heavy/strong as the standard tarpaulins from the well-known DIY stores. Tensile strength comparable to PVC tarpaulins. Fixing points / rings: every 50 cm. (metal rings) , Tensile strength per 5 cm (approximately): 100 kg and a service life (indication): 3 – 5 years. Very competitive prices when purchasing a quarter, half or whole pallet.


Tarpaulins TF-Bootcovers are a PE (polyethylene) tarpaulin. Transparent with a white reinforcement wire. The material weight is approx. 250 gr/m2. It is a slightly permeable material, very strong due to the reinforcement wire, but above all light in weight. It is excellent to work under. Due to the very strong welded-on mounting straps, the TF-Bootcover is very easy to customize yourself. The ring holes are already present and are stronger than hammered grommets! This 250 grams PE quality is completely waterproof, has a long lifespan in combination with a very favorable price/quality ratio. Very competitive prices when purchasing a quarter, half or whole pallet.


An excellent line of PE Covers suitable for the standard size construction fences: 1.76 X 3.41 mtr. High-quality two-sided coated HDPE fencing cloths with a tarpaulin weight of 160 gr/m2. UV guarantee : 12 months. Welded seams and aluminum rings every 50 cm with a diameter of 12 mm. Very suitable fencing cloths for mobile construction fences to visually shield construction sites and events. Very competitive prices when purchasing a quarter, half or whole pallet.


We have been manufacturing tarpaulins and tarpaulins by hand for more than 125 years. We offer you a very extensive program of ‘standard’ size series Polyethylene tarpaulins. In weight classes, namely: 100, 150, 250 grams. If you do not find the size you want in these size series, we can manufacture any size you want in our specialized sail making and welding workshops. The polyethylene processed by us with a fabric weight of 200 gr/m2 is strong and durable. Send us your wishes, customized sketches and/or ideas and we will contact you for a suitable solution.



Discover the ultimate solution for insulating your projects with our high-quality insulation tarps. Our insulation tarps provide the perfect thermal barrier to keep your workspace warm and save energy costs. Thanks to the durable material and easy installation, these insulation tarps are ideal and muli applicable. A wide range of standard sizes. Efficient and comfortable. From us you can expect good advice and affordable prices.


Perhaps we have given you an idea of our high-quality products with the introduction described above. If you are interested in a free quote, further information or our very competitive prices, please use the contact form below.

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